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Red Barn Event Centre

Graduation reflections

Today's graduation was simply wonderfully fun!!! Being outside on a sunny, cool day was perfect. The last 9 months have been so much fun for me even with the frustrating days that came with it. You run a top notch business up there... You are one nice lady Danielle! Your patience, understanding, kindness and all around helpfulness really made the effort worth it. Leighton is such a beautiful dog and only having her a year and a half has fulfilled my wildest dreams for what I wanted to do with her. She has siblings and children in agility so getting her into it at 6 years old was a huge positive step. Thank you for everything you've done for Leighton and I...


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Novice Sprinter Title excitement

Red Barn is a great place to take your furry companions! I highly recommend the fitness class with Karen! My male pup had injured himself and after seeing Dr. Shaw (the amazing Chiropractor at Red Barn) I was told to take the fitness class. My baby recovered amazingly well and has resumed all of his shenanigans! I just did a sprinter event there with my dog and was happy with how they ran the event and my dog got her Novice Sprinter and an awesome ribbon! Thanks for hosting!! Both my dogs get so excited when we pull in!


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Patience builds confidence

My proudest moment this year was Keeper finally being able to do the teeter confidently, thanks Danielle LeVangie for your patience and many methods to give my girl the confidence to do it!

Dara Murphy

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Quickly Learning New Things

Cooper is constantly making me proud of how quickly he learns new things. I think my proudest moment was when he completed the puppy graduation course off leash, and he had so much fun doing it !

Samantha Duguid

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Self control in excitement

My best training moment was in Michelle Smith's Disc freestyle class. We have been working on self-control with our rescue dog Tanner, who would howl and bark whenever there was activity in his general surroundings. In fact, we discovered his love of disc because his vocalization was absolutely frantic whenever he could see other dogs playing the game. We took the disc Freestyle class to have fun learning this great sport, but also to have opportunities to practice self-control and quiet crate behaviour when it was not our turn. In class this past week, we finally have gotten to a point where Tanner will make the choice to lay absolutely quietly even as discs are thrown all around him, and other dogs are barking as they play. For the first time he actually laid right onto his side and closed his eyes while waiting his turn. Thank you to Karen McNichol and Michelle for having patience with us and helping us to work through this challenge. Thank you also for introducing us to this exciting sport! We can't wait to try the next class!

Elaine Welbourn

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Overcoming training challenges

One of the training challenges that Paisley and I overcame this fall was in scent detection class. Paisley is 10 years old with many titles in rally, obedience and agility. We started scent detection this fall and after 8+ weeks, she just wasn't understanding what her role was as she was constantly waiting for me to provide direction. Karen M. suggested that I try working with her off leash during the searches. With that little adjustment, she switched from obedience mode to search mode and has been progressing well every since. Thank you Karen McNichol.

Shirley Anderson-Beere

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Proudest moment

My proudest moment so far, was when Kassie and I competed in our first ever fun run. Kassie was only 15 months at the time and had just completed level 1 agility. We're so thankful for Danielle's help and encouragement!!

Rebecca MacNeil

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Canine Good Neighbour test

Duke and I have been training hard at the Red Barn for over a year. We have started agility and are loving it. But it was our foundations in Obedience with Laura Belisle that allowed us to pass our Canine good neighbor test this summer. Thanks Laura!

Laura Sperduti

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Confidence has grown...


A HUGE thank you to Karen for allowing us to join her scent classes (despite Roque's crazy) and to get us to a point that we could compete in SDDA and get both his started and advanced titles! However, I am most proud of the fact that his confidence has grown enough to allow us to play in scent detection!

Tammy Stewart

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AAC 2016 Regionals volunteering

Great work hosting western regionals (2016)! Had fun volunteering and learning!

Sharon Bates

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Lots of new information

Hello last night was my first time at the red barn I want to thank everyone for being so patient with Blue and myself. I went home with lots of new information. I can't wait until next week. Thank you all.

Beverley-Anne Krempin

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Professional, positive and compassionate

I have taken my rescue Border Collie to many trainers...and these folks are the BEST. They are professional, positive and compassionate and they know their stuff. What an awesome group. Special kudos to Danielle!

Brenda Muller

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Tons of support

I started going to the red barn with both of my Border Terriers. I loved the classes and instructors. My younger one was having issues around being highly reactive and we then signed her up for Katherine Ferger's Reactive class. Loved it. Tons of support from her and am looking forward to our level two reactive class. Highly recommend this class.

Trudi Johnston

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So much learning and fun

We have taken several courses at this center now and they've been great! Our dog is awesome but we spent 2 years working on him not reacting to other dogs (he gets overly-excited), having done all kinds of research, but finally went to see these guys. Amazing. Huge difference. Have also done Total Recall, Scent Detection 1, and Intro to Trick Training... so much learning and fun :)

Carla Korpijaako-Arduengo

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Instagram: Reactive Dog class changing lives

Maui has been going to @redbarneventcentre and taking their Reactive Dog Class. I cannot tell you what a difference this class has made in our lives. We're only on week three but the confidence it has given both Maui and I has been incredible. He is just an excited guy who wants to see everyone and was having a difficult time understanding how to just be calm when another dog may come walking by, and that it's just ok. He gets frustrated that he can't just bolt over to see them at his own free will and that caused a couple of scenes triggering me to sign up for class. If any of you have a dog I HIGHLY recommend checking out all that Red Barn has to offer. I look forward to continuing our classes and who knows, he could be an agility star one day!


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Total Recall class builds off leash privileges for Charlie

Dear Red Barn,

Guess who was reliably off leash all weekend!? There were lots of people and dogs on our beach and lots of people at the neighbours on both sides and human frisbee players too! Charlie was doing regular running recalls to me, playing fetch with his own frisbee and "leaving it" with the human frisbees and no teeth holes in the Spike Ball ball! Someone cleaned up the kid's beach toys and put Charlie's frisbee in there. He picked it out without touching any of the kid's toys, nor did he steal any easy prey kid's food. The neighbours lost their frisbee in the water weeds, so I sent Charlie to get it. He brought it back "dropped it", "left it" and never touched it again. At one point he was playing on our beach with the neighbour dog and when the other dog ran home, Charlie chased and I recalled him at the property nervous...but he turned on a dime and bolted back to me where I gave him a mittfull of treats and a frisbee toss in the water. We were all so proud of him. THANK YOU to you and all our trainers at the Red Barn. Charlie enjoys so much freedom and fun and everyone loves to play with him because he's such a good boy because of all the skills and play bonding we learn at the Red Barn.


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Basic Obedience class brings confidence and more to DTango

DTango didn't have the greatest start in life. She was from a backyard breeder who didn't really care about health or the proper timeframe on how to properly take care of his dogs or puppies. DT had worms and mange when we picked her up, once we worked through all of that we found that she had a long list of food allergies and (thanks to a helicopter mom) we were able to catch her Angular Limb Deformity really early. So as you can imagine with all those issues DT didn't have much of a chance with socializing with other dogs until she was 2.5 yr. Up until then the only dogs she really was able to be around would be the dogs that she came across when out for a walk or shopping at Petsmart, WELL let me tell you that the dogs in our town apparently think that bull terriers look funny or something because every dog we went by would bark and snarl and lunge at her, she has been attacked many times within this short timeframe at Petsmart by those little dogs on retractable leashes and gets rushed by off-leash dogs. Not cool.


As you can imagine this has made DTango a little dog reactive. She is not aggressive but, as I like to explain it, always has her gloves half off (hockey fighting reference). She is fine with calm dogs but as soon as one shows any kind of issue with her she is ready to throw down. Since she has never been able to play with other dogs she also has issue with knowing how to behave around other dogs properly. She gets WAY too excited and starts to sound like a chainsaw or the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park movies!

We have been looking for a place to bring her to train for a long time. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a facility with instructors who aren't against bull breeds and who understand that all breeds learn differently. I have to tell you that we are just finishing our first Basic Obedience training course and we are THRILLED. Not only by the quality of the facility but how our instructor is with DTango. We made sure to make the instructor aware of DT's quirks when registering and she has been supportive and positive about everything. When we first started the class we had a nervous pup surrounded by some younger more energetic super friendly dogs, all the noises from the agility dogs just added to the hightened excitement and stress levels in the building. The thought of off-leash work kinda terrified us because we don't want to cause any issues with other dogs and never want to put DT in any bad situation.

So long story maybe a little shorter, the moment that is OUR favorite moment while training would be what happened in this past class. When we first tried the offleash recall DTango did great, she has both her Good Citizen and Good Neighbour certification so in a setting like this she does very well with staying and coming straight to me (bull terrier) quickly. It was when the other dogs took their turn that stressed DT right out. She alerted, pulled to the end of the leash and barked away. I was able to get her attention back to me and all was fine, but then the next four dogs had THEIR turns too. Super exhausting class! In our last class we were practicing again, DT once again killed it when her turn was for the others. I had her sitting at the side of the path the dogs take (so they weren't running AT her), had her facing the direction they were running from so nothing was a surprise and wouldn't you know, SHE JUST WATCHED! She stayed sitting, watched while the parent sat and then walked away from their dog, and stayed calm when they happily galloped when called! I nearly couldn't contain myself!! I was more happy with DT then they were of their dog who was actually doing the skill. We do this task every class and this was the FIRST time she was calm. THIS was the best moment of training while being at your facility in 2016.

Thank you so much for providing us with this training experience. We are already signed up for the next level of obedience and are looking forward to trying out rally!

Thank you for this opportunity,
Kimberley, Shirley and DTango O'Doherty

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First High In Trial (HIT) in Competitive Obedience for 22 month old Dawson

Our most memorable and exciting moment/success of 2016 was when Rideauview Dawson's So Brights (aka Dawson) and I earned our very first High in Trial(HIT) at the Red Barn Event and Training Centre in July 2016. Dawson, was 2 months shy of her second birthday. So excited, proud and humbled by the experience. If it weren't for Bev's diligence, passion and unrelenting pursuit of excellence, we would not have had as much fun training and working toward this accomplishment. Thank you Bev, for believing in us and giving me/us the confidence to enter the Trial. Here's to more success in 2017!

Marcia Caplan & "Dawson"
Rideauview's Dawson So Bright (Dawson)

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Puppy Report Card

Puppy report card by Mya

Report card written for one of our Puppy Headstart students after a recent graduation, looks like puppy Daisy May has had a great start!

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