Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre

Welcome to the Red Barn!

Thank you for joining us at the Red Barn Event Centre for classes, we are excited to welcome you! Please look through the following resources before you come to your first class to ensure you are familiar with our practices and prepared for our new procedures with the COVID restrictions.

Please read the Red Barn House Rules.

Please read our Welcome Letter.

Please read our COVID Policy Document for Students.

* Please note that the "Life Skills Foundation" lesson and "Training Log" referenced in this video are no longer available for printing from our website, the material will be covered in week 1 of your class.

Training Ring Entrances/Exits

During this time, we will manage entrance and exit from all class rings as follows to minimize everyone's exposure, please review the map for the ring your class is in:

Ring 5, for indoor Agility
Ring 4, for Rally
Ring 4, for Manners, Puppy, etc

What to put in your Training Bag

Please prepare your training bag to bring to class with the following:

  • flat collar (gentle leader or no pull harness can be used too)
  • 4-6' flat leash (non-retractable)
  • several types of small SOFT treats
  • Ren's treat pouch (coupon for pickup will be given at first class if you don't have already)
  • toys
  • indoor shoes
  • water & dog water dish & water for yourself
  • pen & notebook
  • dog pacifier (chew toy, stuffed kong) for quiet times during class
  • mat for dog
  • a towel to clean your dog's feet