Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre

Welcome to the Red Barn!

Start with a quick read of our Orientation Booklet thumbnail of Welcome to Red Barn booklet followed by our quiz and email your results to registration along with your name, dog's name, and class name, start date and time.

Training Ring Entrances/Exits

Site Map for Red Barn Event Centre: building layout

What to put in your Training Bag

Please prepare your training bag to bring to class with the following:

  • flat collar (gentle leader or no pull harness can be used too)
  • 4-6' flat leash (non-retractable)
  • several types of small SOFT treats
  • Ren's treat pouch (coupon for pickup will be given at first class if you don't have already)
  • toys
  • indoor shoes
  • water for yourself and your dog, as well as a water bowl
  • pen & notebook
  • dog pacifier (chew toy, stuffed kong) for quiet times during class
  • mat for dog
  • a towel to clean your dog's feet

What should be in your training bag?