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Course Builder, Registration, Thursday Set-up, Friday Course Builders, Saturday Course Builders, Volunteer Coordinator, Parking


Without the help from volunteers, we could not host these regionals trials. We cannot do it alone! We need your help to make our trial a success. PLEASE fill in the following volunteer form or sign up to work at the registration desk at the trials.

Quick and Easy online form for Volunteers.

Job Descriptions

Gate Steward: Makes sure exhibitors are at the gate, in the correct order and ready to run
Ring Steward & Ring Crew: Sets bars to correct positions prior to each jump height in a class. Re-sets dropped bars, straightens chute
Leash Runner: Takes exhibitor’s leash from start line and places it at finish
Scribe: Marks faults on scribe sheet as they are called by the judge (must be available full day)
Timer: Times the dogs’ runs using electronic timing (must be available full day)
Scribe Assistant: Hands scribe correct scribe sheet, writes time on scribe sheet, and hands sheet to sheet runner (must be available full day)
Course Builder: Assists the Chief Course Builder with putting obstacles in the correct position as indicated by the judge (at the end of each day only)


Looking For!!

3 Chief Ring Stewards. Full Time Scribes, Timers and Gate Stewards each day.

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