Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre

AAC National Agility Championships


We need your help to make this event a success!!

FULL DAY positions for specific rings

Chief Ring Steward: in charge of ring, assigning ring crew, issues between competitor and judge, equipment issues, confirming set-up of ring with judge etc.
Timer: Times the dog's runs using electronic timing equipment.
Scribe: Records faults as called by judge and time for each competitor.
Gate Steward: calls competitors for their runs - this position will be assigned to a group.

FULL DAY or part day jobs

Ring Crew: sets bars and contacts as needed, ensures tunnels are in place and all equipment is safe for competitors for each run.
Leash Runner: discreetly moves dog's leash from start to finish without disturbing team.
Scribe Assistant: hands correct scribe sheet to scorer, gives completed scribe sheet to score runner, and puts duplicate sheets in basket for competitors to check.
Chief Course builder: assigns jobs to his course building crew and supervises set up of obstacles.
Course builder: builds course according to judge's map.
Other: Set-up, Tear down, Registration, Warm up rings, Hospitality tent.

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I would like to volunteer in any of the following positions (check all that apply):

  Gate Steward   Chief Ring Steward   Scribe
  Timer   Scribe Assistant   Score Runner
  Chief Course Builder   Leash Runner   Ring Crew
  Course Builder   Worker Bee   Hospitality Tent
  Setup & Tear Down (daily)   Setup (Tues/Wed)   Tear Down (Mon)
  Prize/Awards/Podium   Registration   Warm Up Rings

My availability:

  Tue Aug13   Wed Aug14   Thu Aug15   Fri Aug16   Sat Aug17   Sun Aug18   Mon Aug19
  Full Day   Half Day (morning)   Half Day (afternoon)

Thank you for volunteering, this is a very large event and we couldn't do it without your help!